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Clear Kayak

From: .د.ب8.00
One hour Includes life jackets location

Kids kayak

From: .د.ب3.00
One hour ,Life jacket included Location

Limited offer

From: .د.ب2.00
LOCATION: Please follow the first location, when you reach the point exactly, open the second location. As soon as you turn right from main road you will see our flag on the left. ‎يرجى اتباع الموقع الأول ، عندما تصل إلى النقطة بالضبط ، افتح الموقع الثاني. ‎بمجرد أن تنعطف يمينًا من الطريق الرئيسي ، سترى علمنا على اليسار


From: .د.ب5.00
One hour Include life jacket

Saudi Arabia National Day kayak tour

Date: 23/9/2023 Time: 4 pm including refreshments and ice cream Price 5 BD per person. Don’t forget to bring your

Sunrise Kayak Tour – Bahrain Bay

From: .د.ب6.00
Kayak around Bahrain Bay Beach, watch the beautiful view and end it with a delicious Bahraini Traditional breakfast

Single kayak

From: .د.ب5.00
  One hour Include life jacket

Double kayak

From: .د.ب10.00
10 bd for 2 person One hour Includes life jackets